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The Inspiration:

PhotOlé Photography is a company that was inspired by family and friendships. In life, people become who they are by the strong influences and connections they make through the relationships found in family and friendships. These relationships help individuals make life something to look forward to and challenges easier to overcome.

Our Philosophy:

PhotOlé Photography is a company where people can bond, build relationships and obtain excellent quality service. At PhotOlé Photography, we believe photography is a gift that keeps on giving.

TEAM PhotOlé

PhotOle Photography Studio
108 West King Street. Lancaster, PA 17603


Relocated to the heart of downtown Lancaster, PhotOlé PHOTOGRAPHY is a full service, Lancaster PA based, artistic photography studio. We specialize in weddings & event photography, business headshots, historic Wet Plate portraits, and Photo Booth rentals. Our small studio family has been severing Lancaster for the past six years.

We are located at 108 West King St. Lancater, PA 17603, near the Lancaster Central Market and a few steps from McDonalds. There is plenty of off street parking but call us if you get lost: 717-333-0618.


Living off your passion is never work.


Hello and thank you for visiting. Please take your time to look around, let us know how we may be of service.

A perfect day for me would be…

  • Iced coffee, waffles, and a good business book
  •  Hunting for vintage cameras at thrift & vintage stores
  • Fancy dinner with the wife in a new restaurant
I woke up like this.


Corporate Account Specialist & PR genius.

A perfect  day for Heidi would be…

  •  Shoe shopping
  •  Cake tastings
  •  3 hour gym workout
Camera Mike
Mr. White


Vintage Camera Specialist & Sports Sales.

Fun facts about camera Mike.

  • Has a doggie name Rollei just like the Rollei camera
  • When on road trips, he loves to be the driver
  • Can hunt down any camera you need
Smart funny dude.


Photo Booth Specialist  & Associate Photographer.

When asked if he had the opportunity to make a portrait of 3 people, here were his answers…

  • Bobby Darin
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Salvador Dali
PhotOle Photography John


Studio & Lead Wedding Photographer.

Things Jonathan likes…

  •  Sleep
  •  Retro Kodak memorabilia
  • His beard


Second Photographer & Photo Booth Attendant.

Dakota’s goals are for the near future.

  • Finish restoring his 1987 El Camino
  • Visit all 50 states
  • Manage PhotOle Photography

Current quality work

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Visit the studio: 108 W King St. Lancaster, PA.
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