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The Inspiration:

PhotOlé Photography is a company that was inspired by family and friendships. Founders Ole Hongvanthong and Heidi Castillo enjoy being surrounded by individuals who make their lives a joyous event every day. In life, people become who they are by the strong influences and connections they make through the relationships found in family and friendships. These relationships help individuals make life something to look forward to and challenges easier to overcome.

Ole and Heidi wanted to form an entity where long lasting relationships and connections could be made. With an inspiration and vision in mind, Ole and Heidi founded PhotOlé Photography.

Our Philosophy:

PhotOlé Photography is a company where people can bond, build relationships and obtain excellent quality service. At PhotOlé Photography, we believe your wedding day is more than a special event. It is the day when the foundation of a new family begins. It is the day you start building your family tree.

Meet the Artist

Ole Hongvanthong
Living off your passion is never work.


Hello and thank you for viewing my wedding website.

A perfect  day for me would be…

  • Iced coffee, waffles, and a good business book
  •  Hunting for vintage cameras at thrift & vintage stores
  • Fancy dinner with the wife in a new restaurant

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Visit the studio: 108 W King St. Lancaster, PA.
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