Meet Our Team

Ole Founder & Heidi CEO of PhotOle Photography.

PhotOlé is a full-service photography studio. The collection of work developed is intentionally diverse and serves to engage the 21st century audience. The studio has successfully completed training to be able to represent individuals, businesses, and organizations in a thoughtful and responsible way. The photography team has a strong background in producing visuals that build and maintain intimacy, credibility, and trust.

Ole Hongvanthong

Master Photographer

Master portrait photographer and aspiring pit master. He creates visual styles and language that resonate with an ever growing ethnically diverse audience. For over 15 years, Ole has photographed individuals whose presence is undeniable in the Lancaster community, trailblazers making history and creating impact and subject matter experts writing the future. He has worked with people from all walks of life; from local farmers and advocacy leaders to Fortune 500 CEOs and Presidents.

Heidi Castillo

Accounts Manager

Third generation entrepreneur and custodian of culture-bearing art. She is an expert at developing concepts that inspire meaningful connection, deliver a great experience, and drive people to take action. She is an endorser of strategic outsourcing and automation as a mental strain reducing tool that advances balance, performance, and efficiency in personal and professional matters. She believes that listening with intention is the most effective way to win clients. 

Thank You to Our Clients